About us

Ekotarriko is a small cooperative made up of my mother, Zuriñe Vigalondo Otxoa de Txintxetru, and I, Maitane Beltrán de Guevara Vigalondo. We are part of a family that has always been very concerned with the environment and healthy lifestyles.

Our idea arose for these reasons:

The pace of modern-day life does not allow us to spend the time that we would like to prepare exquisite, healthy meals like our grandmothers did. In other words, quality, fast & healthy food.

Another reason was to pay tribute to our grandmothers, making our good old, tried and tested recipes.

And that was how Ekotarriko came into being, a canning company of ready-made meals. All of our products are made using traditional methods, based on local, organic raw materials which are additive- and gluten-free, and we manage to keep them intact over long periods thanks to heat sterilisation and vacuum-packing.